Steer Clouds simplify the containerization and distribution of applications by deploying your software software quickly and efficiently. We help you run application on a managed cluster of instances by applying automation to all areas of your software development. We enable frequent updates to live applications without impacting end customers. We design and build applications that are both secure and easily maintained.Containerization easily port apps to production environment where apps behave in same as the production environment as they are during development. The microservice architecture enables continuous delivery or deployment of large complex applications.

What is the importance ?

  • Data’s are instantly recovered using Disaster Recovery Solutions and Services.

  • Scalability

  • Simple and Fast Deployment

  • Productivity

  • Security

  • Run same in any environment

  • Provides light weight virtual environment

  • Better application operational efficiency

  • Faster creation,termination of applications

  • Small code

  • Evolutionary design

Every Click Counts

Steer Clouds enhance productivity and ease the system management.