Cost optimization

Do you think you are spending extra money on the Cloud? Do you know if you are burning your budget for unwanted resources? Do you know if you are utilizing the full potential of the Cloud service you have? We can assist you to optimize your Cloud deployments to save your budget and wastage of the resources.

Have you thought about the money you are wasting on unused resources? Don't worry! Approach us! We can help you to minimize the cost of the Cloud without affecting the productivity. We will study all your requirements, find out the wastage of resources and services which are causing excess cost and will formulate a solution to optimize the cost based on these findings.

Launch your cloud

How we optimize your Cloud cost?

Detection of unused Resources

We studies your Cloud and identify the unused resources for which you
are paying now.

Cloud Instance Turn off

Find out and turn off/remove the Cloud instances when not needed.

Auto scale-out

Finding out and disabling unwanted resources.

Billing plan determination

Determine the right billing plan like Per minute or Per hour plans.

Periodic auditing

We will audit the usage of
your resources.

Minimal unit selection

Help you to findout the minimum amount/unit of resources based on your demand.