Cloud automation

Are you tired of manually configuring your Cloud everytime? Do you need all your Cloud computing activities to be faster and efficient? Have you tried Cloud automation? C ome to us! We can assist you with efficient automation services.

We provide Cloud automation service which makes all activities related to Cloud computing as fast and efficient. It is possible through the use of various software automation tools (Eg : Fabric, puppet etc ) which are installed directly on the virtualization platform and controlled via an intuitive interface.

With cloud automation, the setup of an entire fleet of uniform virtual machines can be done in just a few simple steps as opposed to setting up each one individually. The automation system does all the bulk of the setup and deployment. Efficient datacenter automation can lower costs, prevent downtime and maximize your cloud power.

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Cloud Automation Benefits

Simple and Flexible

Easy to execute and manage the resources.


Contextually organize resources and applications to reflect your operational requirements.

Reduce error

Reduces the error and if error occures, it can be fixed.


Set and control application elasticity with automated scaling-up and down, horizontally and vertically.

Workload Automation

Allows you to create a workflow of multidisciplinary tasks.


Update and apply security patches across your server fleet automatically.

Cloud Automation Highlights

Configuration Management

Our custom scripts optimize your cloud architecture for rapid scaling, instant failover, and security automation.

Security Automation

Reduce the risk of human error, guarantee compliance, and protect critical data.

Architecture Automation

Lay the foundation for a self-healing environment.

Deployment Automation

Automate deployment cycles to reduce manual effort and accelerate development.